The Next Pandemic: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)



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    As COVID-19 continues to spread, John Oliver discusses what could cause the next pandemic, what we can do to avoid it, and why you shouldn’t kiss pigs.
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    1. Gabriel Pendragon

      It always strikes me as odd how humans can talk about managing other species responsibly, but when it comes to managing humans responsibly people lose their minds.

    2. Could have been a hippie

      Anyone remember that beautifully poetic scene from the JOKER when he shoots the chat show host between the eyes 👀 actually I’m pretty sure he empty’s the entire clip into him, don’t quote me on the last part I could be wrong.

    3. Stefaan Codde

      corona is far more dangerous the Sars ever was;

    4. Niall O'Connor

      John oliver is a hero and deserves a nobel prize!

    5. Calvin Schuette

      I mean, humanity is #1 in snatching defeat from the jaws of victory, so I have no doubt we'll ignore all of the warnings, and we'll do the bare minimum.

    6. MiraclzHD

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    7. Eni Lorac

      not me literally playing animal crossing while watching this....

    8. glenn hill

      And another thing with mask. It's called personal protective equipment or PPE for a reason. The whole design, testing, and quality control is based on protecting the user only. To say that masks only work if everyone around them is wearing them flies in the face of decades of knowledge and experience on PPE. The mask are tested to repeatedly block droplets until wet then changed into another mask. If that is not enough then the mask doesn't work. I'm not saying masks don't work, you people are saying it by demanding everyone wear it with social distancing.

    9. ashley torres

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    10. VeganLyn Cat

      “Shut that shit down.” ALL animal fharms!!

    11. glenn hill

      I'm very disappointed in you John. You've done a whole episode on the crisis in scientific studies and you didn't bother to point the same corruption in this pandemic. All scientific papers of asymptomatic spread provided are all modeling studies that ASSUME a percentage of asymptomatic spread and how bad it can get. No papers provide real world testing and experimentation showing asymptomatic spread. Rapid PCR testing has been proven wrong in the past with the whooping cough epidemic of 2006-7. Finding a piece of the virus with PCR has no basis on proving a disease or an infection. The Sars-Cov2 virus was not isolated by itself. It's genome was pieced together by different primers and filled by computing modeling. We have never found a naturally completed Sars-Cov-2 in ANY human or animal. So how are we spreading disease for virus that is never found in completed form? Surely we can prove spread by at least finding the full 30,000 BP Sars-Cov-2 in two people who met each other but we've found ZERO. Only using computer modeling do we get the dangerous virus and pieces of viruses cannot infection or replicate.

    12. KangenAlec

      It’s not a prediction when you plan it. It’s called plan-demic. The natural event exposing globe hoax is coming up and your Masters are panicking. They created Agenda 21 to depopulate and enslave the works with lockdowns and lethal injections. It’s all fear based propaganda.

    13. Jessica Smith

      Just do an episode on overpopulation. We need to stop breeding till we get control.

    14. Michael Baker

      Can we get a segment on r/Wallstreetbets???

    15. Vasco Tavares

      The first step we can do right now: Go Vegan.

    16. Antonio Kinsey

      As individuals we can take effective action. Go vegan.

      1. james byrne

        That's by far the most practical way to make a difference.

    17. kao380

      This show is fucking stupid, it keeps getting worse. Im left leaning but this shit is excessive

      1. Kishan Singh

        youre probably a right winger

    18. Vilo Aufricht

      This is kind of pretty stupid joke, isn't it, all that Go-Vid agenda...

    19. MK Spindel

      top 10 hedge fund mangers in 2020 made a little over 20 billion dollars those 10 ppl alone could pay for the global preventative measures, when will look at the distribution of wealth for our global health?

    20. Ysa Pena

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    21. Renata Nelson

      jack mcbrayer as the voice of the virus makes it kind of endearing tbh

    22. D.M.E. B.M.F

      Graveyards and golf courses take up way too much real estate.

    23. XantheFIN

      Wuhan lab. Not Bats directly.

    24. Paavo Ylönen

      Climate change plays a role here too.

    25. J.D.Simple

      Et tu Brutus?

    26. derpnerpwerp

      Closing state fairs while still eating meat is like using a bandaid to fix a small leak in your ship while neglecting the fact that half the hull is missing. Other countries may not readily be able to supplant meat based diets. But in this country, and many others it is getting real old listening to people talk about climate change, factory farms and pandemics who still eat lots of meat... and this is without even getting into the ethics of meat in general. We should be doing everything in our power to shift meat production to plant based plant based solutions and lab grown meat. And we should be assisting any less wealthy country which is willing to accept our help in moving in the same direction. This means funding vertical farm solutions, GMO crops (scary, I know /s), etc. The main barrier here is peoples unwillingness to make personal changes that benefit everyone. We could overcome the financial burdens.

    27. JamesVibe

      a real solution starts with - Do NOT elect republicans....worst corrupt leaders that will not listen to logic

    28. Brenda Beltrán

      Es la madre naturaleza diciendo - dejen de comerse a los animales- Stop eating animals!

    29. Aleem Haider

      He is right about Salt lake city though.

    30. Josh Nabours

      Based off the shadow towards the left side of the screen, I can deduce that John Oliver is on the right butt cheek of the Pillsbury dough boy.

    31. Leo Carroll

      Johnny Depp joke was weak. If you're gonna come for Captain Jack Sparrow fucking bring it next time, John.

    32. R Bedgood

      This is the stupidest shit I’ve ever watched! Clearly a flaming Democrat

    33. David Carlson

      I can relate to this shit with people going back because to school because of a vaccine. We were doing hybrid, so every other day going to school and on off days we just do assignments, but now that teachers got vaccines they want us to go back full time 2 weeks before spring break... Right before Spring Break where people will travel and not wear a mask. And then they will bring COVID-19 back to my school.

    34. Philip Minns

      Prod-juice, John. It's pronounced prod-juice, and you know it.

    35. Chris Wilson

      fear porn

    36. Marc T

      The US food industry cannot even curb salmonella or E. Coli, who believes they can prevent more serious infestations?

    37. XXheart_breakerXx

      How did you get all my animal crossing villagers right?

    38. Leianne W

      Viruses dont come from damn bats. They're created by PEOPLE that want to do you harm. Anyone that believes that crap is crazy

    39. RainMirron

      Isn't that voiceover Wander Over Yonder?

    40. CHMech

      Wow, ghetto can now be an adjective in the form of ghettoized. 3:23

    41. we regret to inform you

      It’s down for some stuff lol 😂 I hollered

    42. M11TS

      8:43 bat infested tree ? No, they live there. It's their natural habitat. Under the tree is infested with a boy who doesn't belong there. Overpopulation of man will cause our extinction.

    43. Nauman Abid

      maybe you can start eating halal and the world will be a better place.

    44. Winifred Hawkins

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    45. ian christensen

      I understand your point that harsh bans and changes may just make the issue worse, but you fail to acknowledge the fact that the VAST majority of environmental degradation is from corporations' resource exploitation or industrial-size food production...namely Western corporations. Wet markets are horrible, but they by NO means make up the majority of the issue here, and yes we indeed could survive a ban on foods that come from endangered habitats! Where is the ban on Amazon beef, or Congolese minerals? That wouldn't cause an explosion in American black market beef trading, my dude. You're completely evading the very tangible shifts in US habits that could be done to reduce harm to the biosphere.

    46. Pitchsome Relaxing Music

      I like his accent ooooo

    47. Ruans Jutz

      17:20 "developing" economies use technology for solving pressing health, and socially relevant problems, while "advanced" economies use technology to get more targeted adds and buy more "convieniently" from our couch... Ok.

    48. K L

      Zoonotics pfft. How bout biological warfare!!

    49. James Smith

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    50. SciFiFreak185

      Hats off to Donnie crying the most at April's death in the TMNT joke. - lol

    51. Jakub Komorowski

      10:00 John Oliver is a furry confirmed

    52. Brian Dixon

      They should have showed a picture of Ms. PIGGY during the pig kissing segment.

    53. Alexander Popov

      We're never coming out of this fucking pandemic.

    54. Nicolas

      Viruses are part of nature and spreads worldwide for millions of years. And apparently are able to modify DNA and might have led to us... humans. The question is not if Viruses/ oubreaks can be limited. It is more if humankind can be limited ? We are spreading everywhere destroying ecosystems for years. And reaching more than 10 billions on earth... the problems are going to increase accordingly.

    55. Umi

      "That song is catchier than SARS" is my new favourite statement.

    56. Frazier Milak

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    57. Flashbangb4

      Nope, no more. Ever.

    58. Bill Kampouris

      Imagine if a real pandemic like opioid addiction got a fraction of this attention.

    59. Emily An

      So bottom line: leave animals the f alone? Seems we're incapable, even when we know it's for our own good!

    60. TravelTheWorld

      Biologist here: One thing is poorly addressed in this video: one of the mayor things contributing to the Wet Markets like in Wuhan is illegal poaching and trade of endangered wildlife from Africa and South- America. Animals like the pangolin, which might be one of the original hosts of the Sars Cov 2 virus, are sold in the thousands on Wet Markets for so-called "Medicinal purposes". The only way to prevent future pandemics like the Covid-19 outbreak is to crack down even harder on illigal trade of wildlife.

    61. Barbara Ash

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    62. PD Dr. Arion Faust

      Are you guys aware, that the “scientists“ you talk about are only some epidemiologists, who do not BELIEVE that fear can kill. There is no evidence, they claim (while the same is true for intrinsic virus deadliness: NO EVIDENCE!!) I have no doubt that it’s possible to scare people with heart diseases to death! (Infection, Fear, Adrenaline, Tachycardia, Myocardial Infarction and Cardial Arrest!!) That’s what you have to know about the “science” behind the pandemic! By supporting it, you contribute in scaring our grandparents to death! These are the symptoms of “severe atypical” SARS! For the Choking, which is also a panic attack symptom(!!!), they “treat” it by full two weeks of propofol sedation!! These people need psychological help and NOT A PROPOFOL EUTHANASIA!!!! Epidemiologismic paranoia! That’s all!

      1. PD Dr. Arion Faust

        @Emily An Yes, @John Oliver Could you mention these facts, once you calm down from your paranoid epidemiogismic trip?

      2. Emily An

        John Oliver

    63. Danny Wallis


    64. Sneha P

      This cave John Oliver is talking about in 5:20 - is it the Reed flute cave in China?

    65. superbadgerdoom

      This is what my sixth grade science teacher warned would end the world. Back in the 90's.

    66. Robert Moore

      Johnathan now I know better than to trust anything you say but you sound like Alex Jones. By that mean he said this more specifically he said you would say this. I mean people like you would say this and the guy has been oddly right lately. Now it's concerning that a member of the authoritarian left is taking a page out of the ussr's book and keeping the calamities coming. Thats literally what the ussr did to keep communism functioning.

    67. LimeGreenTeknii

      I still don't understand how people can live through the coronavirus and be like, "Yeah, I'm still going to regularly purchase meat from factory farms."

    68. BROAD SIDE

      pandemics😂 thats the new hype,the new way to lead people into their ideas...with fear. no test no vaxx☝🏾 you can have your new world.....

    69. Ditkazbearz2

      It’s started it’s called liberalism

    70. Theo Pouine

      Why is he defending these markets? I do not get it. It is known where pandemic started from and how. I do not understand why we pretend to ignore the elephant in the room....

    71. Prehistorik Caveman

      Human stupidity has no limits...

    72. correllaaron

      Shouldn’t this video be in Mandarin to be more effective?

    73. Cody Davis

      John Oliver is the the type of person that the founding fathers of America thought about when they disallowed from voting, non-natural-born-citizens. He's a subversive agent of a destructive and evil ideology.

    74. Jocelyn

      Can we all just agree to stop having kids for like one year yes one year no. To reduce the fucking population. We are the real virus.

    75. Jason Davis

      I want doctor’s to thrive and have all resources they need. I also don’t want a runaway medical budget combined with a bunch of bored doctors. Pandemics could start to look like solutions to fix other problems. We could all wear space suits going forward. I also like the Circus. If we don’t talk to someone we don’t have to worry about what they say? Guess what I am saying is interactions lead to imperfections. I would rather live in a world with interactions

    76. Duke Joseph

      6:23 Plague Inc : *Actually*

    77. ÁnhDươngTV NEWS

      John Oliver

    78. Rock Hash

      We killed off Sabertooth Tigers, Dire Wolves, and Woolly Mammoths. The coolest animals ever, and were left with pigs. They eat their own shit for god sakes man!

    79. Rock Hash

      No offense but if you eat pigs especially pig feet, your disgusting 🤮

    80. blahbleh

      Goth mouse lmaooo

    81. Rock Hash

      Not gonna lie I been getting an entire room ready for a mini croc that only grow to 3ft max... Feed him/Zilla and yes I already named him, mice 😎

    82. Fred Flintstone

      End your ignorance or I will put you in a place you will not be able to deceive and script humanity with horseshit.

    83. Bobby Tampavilla

      Sometimes parts of this show are like a fart at Thanksgiving.

    84. Elizabeth L

      John- you should consider advocating veganism on your show! Between this episode and the one on meat packing plants, you are making people a lot more aware of the evils of the meat industry. One of the best ways to weaken the industry is by boycotting it.

    85. Claudiu Antoniu Budeanu

      Comments - 19 K...

    86. Kalina Desseaux

      Mystery virus is totally Wander/Wander over Yonder; Irving (Phineas and Ferb)

    87. Lara Smith

      The unhealthy country multivariably fasten because foundation presumably attach with a imaginary coast. complete, idiotic bass

    88. theymademe pickaname

      The problem can be summed up in three words: TOO MANY PEOPLE!

      1. GwynnDidIt

        I keep saying this....

    89. sun flower

      GMO animals or anything GMO are not good.

    90. wild360

      There is a happy medium where we can work together to curtail some of the problems mentioned here. We just need to common ground and do it, versus being so adversarial with each other.

    91. globalwarming08

      Simple solution is create more national parks. If not much natural forests remain then allocate land and plant trees to get nature started.

    92. Milaad M


    93. Amber VanderGrinten

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    94. Rae Hughes

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    95. Rae Hughes

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    96. Bob Bobson

      B+? You're way too kind.

    97. Olibhia Kain

      me: watches this whole video with no comment john: mentions aminal cross me: TOM NOOK IS NOT A RACCOON. HE IS A RACCOON DOG. IDIOT

    98. Sebastien Roy

      Thank you for sharing your opinion on the subject in the best way you can :)

    99. Sakura Chan

      Eeeeeew kill them kill all the baaaaaaats kill them lol 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    100. Tamera Chance

      Back to "NORMAL": > We're drowning in plastic > Villainization of socialism, while praising the exploitation of capitalism > The Kardashians > Benjamin Netanyahu > Religion > Ammon Bundy > Philippine president Duterte > Hobby lobby > That God damn pillow > Mitch McConnell 😑🌎🌐