Coronavirus IX: Evictions: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)


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    With evictions set to rise due to the economic fallout caused by the coronavirus, John Oliver discusses the long struggle with housing in the US, why it’s gotten worse in recent months, and how to prevent an escalating crisis.
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    1. MCPunk55

      "Fifteen million dollars to help folk pay their rent aaaaaaannnnddd it's gone!"

    2. MCPunk55

      Capitalism: Violating your rights, one at a time.

    3. Teirdalin

      Our house burned down over here in the fires last September in Oregon. Pretty bad past couple of years.

    4. Lauren Woodruff

      I inherited a house, and its empty, I'd love to help someone out, but there's no way of knowing how to help or find the legal way of helping without liability or utility costs...

    5. Origami and Cats

      Not every landlord is a huge corporation. They may only manage a few properties and will not be able to keep up the property. The people we elect to represent us rarely do. They are generally self-serving and , mediocre managers even at the best of times.

    6. Lindsay Johnston

      States or Fed should allow Property owners to apply for interest free loans

    7. Talyah R

      John's shoutout to Horizon made me love him so much more 💘

    8. Ben Danforth

      I love how confident John is when he makes his video game jokes; even though he probably had to have half of them explained to him. A++ performance!

    9. Cioda

      John Oliver should really avoid video game jokes. He just cant pull them off.

    10. Zheng

      As much as I love this show, this particular segment fails to highlight that, while there are probably more bad landlords than good ones, property owners are hemorrhaging money while tenants cannot pay rent. Owning rental property comes with a lot of fees and a lot of owners are still paying mortgage on those properties. Not every landlord is a money-grubbing elite. A lot of them are modest people who cannot afford to go without collecting rent, which can lead to debt and no source of income. Many are older folks who have retired and would be forced to find some kind of work to support themselves.

    11. Oi! the Tresen

      Landlords should get lined up and shot. Besides the jumpsuit guy. He's cool.

      1. Abe Teme

        Then have their property seized by the government which will demolish their homes, kick out the residents, sell the land to developers to fund an extra drone, kill some kids in Yemen, and pay officials to shout down the wealthy pig who dares rent out an attic?

    12. The Trashcan

      Reminder that all landlords are bastards and rent seeking is an immoral, predatory practice. Housing is a human right.

    13. Slapstick Genius

      New Zealand and Australia, though not perfect, are far better. As is Vietnam.

    14. MissKK660

      I think people forget that alot of these folks are struggling with shitty low wages to begin with and are barely getting by. People just love to shit on poor folks. Their out here working and paying taxes, (more than rich people technically) and use assistance to eat and people attack them like their lazy. It's really absurd. People complaining about being house bound all the last year should be grateful they have homes, food and internet to watch this.

    15. Senior Whoopy IRL


    16. Nezeph

      Landlords aren't particularly rich either, some of those people are bad business people that are making maybe $100 in profit a month. The government should've stopped banks from collecting on mortgages first especially since they preach so much about small business. Of course some landlords are going to freak out, they aren't just in danger of losing their rental home but the bankruptcy could also put them on the street. Other landlords are just scummy morons and I hope their tenants continue to not pay and can save their money to find a better place.

    17. Imre Bertalan

      4:54 - Welcome to the real world USA! In Hungary, this is the situation since the 2000s. If you are alone, then 60% of your salary goes away for a shitty rent.

    18. Plumikii Ryu

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      1. Stevie

        drop it.

    19. shrimp19921

      So what happens when the person that actually owns the home also runs out of money?

    20. Christophe Breland

      Its also surprising more expensive overall when people get evicted esp with kids. the renter will prob lose their job cuz you need a place to keep a job. and need to find homes of the kids and then their are more cost to other services like more homeless and and more emergency services. Just like the flint water crisis it is(would) be cheaper to just spend the money upfront rather than save money now and pay much more later to fix the problems caused. Also I have no sympathy for the landlords that depend on majority or all of their tenants rent to pay their mortgage.

    21. Richard Haighway

      As a Canadian im sorry.

    22. Bieph

      RIP Larry

    23. Ilovedoggie

      He's awesome. More. Landlord like him would be great...instead of my property management company who's charging us $200 a month for late fees

    24. Atahualpas_Ghost

      That person from canada was Chinese 100% people, we arent like that they own so much of renting properties.

    25. Tim Affoo

      that Larry King joke didnt age well :(

    26. ConspiracyTheoriesWithTea

      Outlaw renting, take the property from landlords, imprison landlords who refuse. They can get a job beyond buying a building before you can and holding that over your head.

    27. dog

      Landlords. The rot to society that keeps on growing.

    28. benjamin reed


    29. Bilguun Tserenbadral

      8:00 An unsang hero. Light of happyness.

    30. tom joe

      The silky cartoon intialy refuse because actress indisputably use alongside a unarmed tuba. abnormal, squealing pail

    31. Aidan Benson

      #JusticeForZaraKay #JusticeForZara #StandUpForZaraKay

    32. Deadbrother

      My only take away is that landlords are fucking leeches. Their generosity doesn't erase their parasitic status.

    33. Devin Abraham

      If they don't want to pay rent, they shouldn't have made a contract.

      1. Devin Abraham

        @The Viewer I don't. However, if you do, that sounds like a you problem that you shouldn't be attempting to project onto other people.

      2. Devin Abraham

        @Andrew Carr Not at all. It's a simple way of saying: 'If you weren't going to honor your word, don't sign on the dotted line." If you believe that all poor people should live on the streets, that's a you problem. Don't project your problems onto me.

      3. The Viewer

        Just admit you hate poor people.

      4. Andrew Carr

        What a simple way of saying "all poor people should live on the streets".

    34. Nathan

      Fun fact Adam Smith, often credited as the "Father of Capitalism" thought that landlords should be outlawed, since they produce nothing of value but still earn money? "the landlords… love to reap where they have never sowed, and demand a rent even for its natural produce." - Adam Smith

    35. broke_AF_ Games

      In Canada (Atleast Ontario) you pretty much cant evict people...doing so is already hard enough here, but now you pretty much can't do it, now people are taking advantage. it's really unfortunate. There is no good way to handle this, but I would say how things are being handled in the states is greatly unfortunate and hope things have gotten better

    36. Samuel Rosander

      The very first part of the segment needs to be restated again and again: rents have gone up much faster than wages. We need to look at why that is, and then figure out how to change that fact. The problems need to be understood before they can be addressed. Trouble is, there is so much money invested in having us not even be able to look at them that it's unlikely that there will be any concerted effort to change. After all, as conservatives love to say, "you should be thankful just to have a job," and whenever that's the case, you can bet that widespread and deep economic hardship is a fact of life.

    37. Virtual Liaison

      There was already a homelessness crisis.

    38. Noah Gray

      "That foursome could use some time on the street." ...Hitler spent time homeless and some think that may have contributed to his hatred of, well pretty much everyone.

    39. UhOh Subtitles

      i like this guy.

    40. Joe Weis


    41. apackofhoboes

      And this proves that landlords don't serve a purpose in modern society other than to perpetuate modern serfdom.

    42. Ruger Shooter

      Seems people don't understand that landlords have bills piling up too......some landlords have a job that is their main source of income, but now it's gone, rent is the only thing feeding them.......and you want to tell them that they shouldn't try to get a paying tenant. You throw out statistics saying one group over another gets evicted........ didn't say a word about why So far the bills out of the house concerning rent payment work like this......landlord must enter into a contract with HUD, once HUD is in the door they can come around and make up stuff to find you, their fines will quickly pay them back for the rent(10 fold) Now you decide you must get out because being a landlord under contract with HUD is going to bankrupt you must sell to HUD at what they call fair market thanks, and thankfully the senate has voted this socialism maker down and I don't have to tell my tenants I'm not entering into HUD contract. In 2010, if somebody got fired, couldn't pay rent, would have been acceptable to evict them? or should they be allowed to stay rent free?

    43. Sanae LOUIZ

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    44. Jekyllstein Gray

      Landlords do nothing to benefit society. All they do is own things and charge others to use the things they own.

    45. flashtu

      I Hope John ist sitting at Home now and plays his PS5 😁

    46. Ryan Roberts

      You make it sound like every landlord is an evil rich person/corporation that can just pay endless mortgage payments without income. Most landlords do not own the houses they rent. They have a mortgage. Some of them are rich people and big evil corporations, and some are disabled individuals like myself running a small business. If my tenants don't pay the rent, I can't pay the mortgage, and if that happens they will be evicted for sure. I am not rich, I drive a 20 year old truck, and I live in a small house...all of my tenants have nicer cars than me, and mostly nicer stuff in general. Some of them make more money than I do!

    47. Chad Waller

      The government doesn't have the authority to step in and say renters don't owe their rent. That's a private contract between landlord and tenant.

    48. Joe Cannabyte

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    49. Austin Bell

      That landlords name is Scott. He’s a dick

    50. Lapis Lazarus

      What I'm curious about, when all these people are evicted, who is going to rent the place? Nobody else has any money either.

    51. Bradley Toccata

      My only question is what about the landlords who don’t own their homes outright? Do they have a moratorium on their mortgage? Cause if not then I understand why they need to keep collecting.

    52. Collins Sotryn

      1:51 Nah man you keep that magikarp to get that Gyrados

    53. Chanel Martina De Haro

      My heart breaks for the young woman and her young son. Life is so bloody cruel

    54. somedeveloperblokey

      Eat the rich* ... But make sure you cook them thoroughly first, to remove all parasites.

    55. Aaron Kamel

      On the devil's defense, property owners also need to pay taxes, possibly loans and well... bills, maybe they do deserve a bit of listenning?

    56. Donnie Shue

      It is now December 26th. Covid relief today waits on a lame duck president who is playing golf. GOP refuses to increase payments. Unemployment enhancements end for many today. Evictions will begin soon. We have been reeling for almost a year with an actual worldwide plague. Now imagine most renters and many homeowners on the street. In January. With their kids. How many more cases of Covid will happen because of the exposure. Not to mention common sicknesses,frostbite,hypothermia and literally freezing to death. Watch the crime rates rocket with so many starving people. How many 'trespassers' sleeping in the woods and fields will be shot by the 2nd Amendment fanatics? For that matter how many homegrown terrorists will use this disaster to destroy and revolt? Yesterday an RV blew up and took out an AT&T hub,knocking out communications and grounding planes. I've wandered from the topic but look at what has occurred since this segment. This is the 08 crisis on meth. With clowns,fireworks and an insane ringmaster.

    57. Mike'sManCave

      Mitch McConnell looks non-human

    58. AnHRTBus

      @4:30 @LastWeekTonight so I know since you brought up the PS5 you're going to make a segment on Scalpers when the show comes back right?

    59. Adela Hogarth

      Shoot every landlord. Why else does America have all those guns for?

    60. Ocean's Financial & Funding

      CPN's Numbers: Evictions: (310)-857-4192

    61. Hannu Ala-Olla

      Joanna: "Don't flip off, I'm using virtual background"

    62. knight meh

      ps5 plug

    63. Uhtread The unholy

      Ummmm. Should they be cancelling mortgage payments also? Plus landlords borrowed to buy the buildings they rent out. The whole state of affairs is a shit show.home owners are also paying property tax... should all that be excused also? School tax? ...

    64. AlbaTross

      TFW you don't think you can be any more fond of John Oliver, then you find out he's a PlayStation fan.

    65. alieu kamara

      Oh! America.

    66. dank bunker

      Papa john is innocent everyone. Go watch h3 podcast. Turns out the tape was reversed to male papa john look racist.

    67. John Davis

      0:31 The other problem is why didn't congress help everyone affected from the Tenant up to the companies who still need money. I am not happy the cause of the problem is the state and local government now demanding money or let crime run loose. They could had left things alone and say if someone is sick they stay home not put millions out of their jobs creating havoc. People and business need the money. Yes foreclosures should be suspended and enforcing tax collections should of been suspended where in many cases people who rent are also affected.

    68. John Davis

      0:31 Good idea. Why didn't congress listen to you and ask them why they didn't do something.

    69. John Davis

      Lets ask John Oliver why his country is tough on those not allow to legally remain in the UK but bashes the USA for wanting to act tough?

      1. Diana Whaley

        You... do realize he's an American citizen, right? And has absolutely zero to do with a country he's not naturalized in? You do know how immigration works?

    70. Koniving

      And rather than being recent, this is June. Yet Trump can't comprehend why he lost.

    71. Suyog Dani

      good content, no advertisements! awesome job

    72. Saniya 666

      please upload high resolution picture of stay up late by brian swords, i'm want to use it as wallpaper for my computer, please please please. I love that painting.

    73. uk7769

      Zero debt, live how you can afford, and have an 12 month emergency fund. "Blow Me Up Tom"

    74. Humberto Sousa

      6 months later this is what we see on Venice Beach:

    75. Nicholas Roberts

      Apparently having other streams of income other than depending on the government as a means of living is the best thing one can do right now to survive during this pandemic

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    76. marcella manning

      So let’s put the ENTIRE BURDEN on middle class landlords😒

    77. Aaron Geisel

      5 months later and not much has changed. Also the landlord who said people should "save for a rainy day" clearly had never lived paycheck to paycheck. You literally cannot "save" anything when you spend 100% of your income.

    78. KB

      Renters pay the rent all on the same day? Wtf?

    79. Jaiiy Ouhz

      I am a landlord. I am totally ok to cancel rent and forgo any profit during the special period if the government cancels property tax, the bank cancels interest and all maintenance costs are reimbursed by the government during the period. Unfortunately, none of these has happened, and my government, bank and contractors all want their money. In fact, government is the worst offender. The bank and contractors are willing to negotiate deferrals, but the government wants their fucking property taxes exactly when they fucking want it.

    80. Dolthra

      I still don't believe John Oliver has any knowledge about the video games he was talking about but he did say the line about wanting to "shoot robot dinosaurs with flaming arrows" with such conviction I'm starting to think that desire may have been real.

    81. Justin

      As a Pokemon fan whose been a fan since it came to the west in the 90's I loved the joke but Unown is the worst Pokemon since while you can teach Magikarp TM moves, Unown can only use Hidden Power and nothing else.

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    83. Bray Stiens

      Radical idea but I believe a humans basic needs such as housing food and water should be guaranteed under the law. Not saying give everyone a mansion and a private chef but I am saying give people a roof and running water.

    84. Kyle Cooley

      Trump was going to lead us an financial disaster either way. America was going to be his next bankruptcy

    85. Jack D

      Seeing John talk about PlayStation feels wrong

    86. Damien Davis

      It should be against the law to evict anyone, for any reason, plus governments worldwide should be bound, bound to build a house for every homeless people that exists, they are only a few bricks and mortar, no human should ever have to face the kinds of cold they have had to experience, do we live on a planet run by Hitler, it would seem so.what a wicked world, take ten percent of everyone's money until the homeless crisis is dealt with.

    87. Ivan Zamudio

      Yeah I’ve confirm the gray area has turn black and certain. John is not funny just funny looking, my condolence for his wife.

    88. NoEsUnYoutuber

      It's entirely possible that it was just a sound effect covering up a cushioned impact, but the idea that HBO spent a total of $20,010 on that painting so John could hold it up, make a single joke, and then casually throw it away is hilarious to me.

    89. defenseive kobra

      Video that confirmed oliver is in fact a gamer

    90. evie m

      Landlords do nothing but commodify basic human needs. We love how the massive, pulsing tumor of capitalism is so inescapable that this is just normal.

    91. RenchesAndSords

      scalpers... scalpers john, they are what stands between you and your PS5

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    93. Ricky Johnston

      He ain't even funny American comedy at it's best what a shit show😱

    94. Amy Bickett

      We now have a powerful gamer

    95. Billie Davis

      Did anyone else notice the painting took too long to hit the ground? How high is he sitting? My high school physics brain is confused👀

    96. Wesly Z

      Happy National Trampling Day.

    97. heru ofkemet

      Open the economy

    98. Jonathan Bailey

      Oliver I gotta say your worth every breath and every word! No one reads comments but i gotta say it anyway

    99. Someone 234

      Rentoid propaganda

    100. MrCowabungaDude

      I'm going to be broke because my rent and addictivly consumer-buying habits. I'm a consumer on welfare and I'm just a single room renter. The economy has a chance to reset itself but it's not going to happen because of all the fake-news and importance of corrupt people. The economy isn't real to begin with it's just like the crust of a good sandwhich. The flavor doesn't come from the crust, it's just a fake reason to believe the flavor is based off the flavor of dried-cooked outsiding. The economy is going to ruin a lot of peoples' lives if the government forces people back to work and have to wait to spend time at a place that gives them back problems. Everyone living semi-comfortably off of welfare are going to be forced to surrender their precious-items because greedy people refuse to admit to their counterfeit-money laundering. Conolizing-socialists trapped during this quarantine are covering-up their dirty-laundry. If anything gets better it's not going to be the economy for minorities. The policies of foreign businesses are rubbing off on company policies that have much better ethics and forced to compete with the standards of slave-driving people that believe in espionage as the true government basis. I as a single-male above the age of 25 is making way less money than a privelaged 20 year old socilizing with old-men in hopes to influence other kids into believing him as a prophet sent from the future of all mankind to save only white-rich people and pretty girls. The ugly girls and colored people will have to work 40 plus hours for below age-restricted wages that are based on a set-standard minimum. They'd have to give up their favorite position as a cashier to get paid more they'd have to take a management position because they've been getting prettier and the rich old white-men want to meet them to take them to dinner, buy them a watch, and have sex until someone prettier comes along. A cashier making over $40 an hour and working 20 hours "FULL-TIME"; give or take; would have a much happier life to be at work on time and smile at their customers. Other than a cashier who has to work for $15 an hour working 40 hours "full-time" and get another job just because one paycheck doesn't amount to the debt accumulated as a consumer plus rent. The States is corrupted by business-politicians with no experience in customer-service. Their concerns are worthless... their families are spoiled-brats, and probably paid their way to an education not qualified to apply for certain positions out of their states. Foreign-businesses are ruining cities that never needed to see their faces in the first place. It's like seeing a stuck-up arrogant pretty-guy trying to take a girl away from her childhood sweetheart. Really rude. Nothing they say or do can ever be considered as an apology because of the patronizing attitude that burdens foreign people with no actual rights of being "special" on foreign soil. Life and liberty under an espionage government doesn't exist. Everyone that doesn't look cool enough to be in those white-people families are a target to be patronized for looking like they know something; and bullies having the urge to harrass citizens for being consumers are ridiculously-idiotic because of the right of "Life and Liberty". Socialisim supports Capitalisim, capitalisim is based off of criminal-opportunism; legal or illegal. Those facist ideologies are supportive of a government that gains by espionage and saving face with technology; to keep distance from getting their hands and the hands of their families dirty. An economy being brick-walled by a monopoly of tech-companies won't ever see a day of a safe better future. Those electronic-technology based companies with high gross-incomes should be taxed per programming and liabilities created with total disregard to the demographics sold too. A lot of fake currency is being used to pay rent in areas that don't have the technology to know if the tenants are being funded in fake-currency backed by syntax-programs that accumulate numbers at the push of a button. Even possibly those "privileged" few are bribing realty-agents, with counterfeit cyber-funds to squat in buildings not being well taken care of to further their plans of espionage to over-throw democracy for good families. Segregation is the best idea to straighten out an economy that is biased on race. Singles, families, old, young, short, tall, rich, poor, students, educated, criminals, etc. however a government; without the need of espionage to stay operating; could explain all the **ckery that white-people love to colonize cities for. A country with multiple billionaires with poor people sleeping in the streets is very odd. How is that even possible that billionaires are possible to be so high in regards that their lives aren't targeted, or even investigated for corruption and criminal activity? Poor people need quality lives too. They haven't been asking for much from my perspective, but I do still see overzealous white-people waiting to lash out during summer time, because during winter Santa's watching. Bipolar-economys are corrupt! Technology companies that let their products exist in the hands of criminals are definitely corrupt! Careless rich white-people culturally-appropriating to venture into further foreign lands are intruding on familys' rights to stay properly educated and ethically earning a living; that won't fail them and stab them in the back to use them as a scapegoat to throw under buses! A banking-cap can prove of illegal counterfeit-funding from foreign locations connecting to localized criminals plotting to get away with money-laundering through espionage. Too bad realtors haven't been making their tenants pay monthly for a living-permit instead of paying full rent prices that won't allow them to save to return back at work. Being able to buy a living-permit could've easily been set by government to inform realtors, tenants, and homeless of an option to find shelter and stay sanitized. The homeless could be sorted out and seen by counselors or therapists to get their lives in order. Living in the 21st Century is ruined, uneducated people learning manipulation tactics by slick talking wordplay is very sad to know people without proper educations are getting better jobs than people that earned a degree just for proof of perseverance and working at a regular day-job with the rest of the hardworking people that too have a perseverance to keep food on their family's table. School's important... i feel bad for all those new college students that had to get a refund for quarantine and move back home to stay in quarantine and learn off T.V. and turn in all their workbook-packets, their tests, and not be able to apply for the classes they would have if they weren't in quarantine. I hate being poor and teeter-tottering my bank statements because evil white-people don't support consumerism, they just like looking at me when I'm shopping thinking I'm trying to steal everything. Too late! The whole store's probably stolen by an economist washing his money with the total store-income accumulating solid bank-notes from good-earning citizens. Hopefully nobody in HR's forming a conflict of interest by being over-qualified for their position and typing away on company computer-hardware to load a syntax-code that "distracts" forensic-scientists, from furthering an investigation on treason. They're just supposed to clock-in and clock-out, not loading a planted virus spy-ware code to center-target on locations for other cyber-criminals to use IP addresses in foreign locations. They're trying to triangulate signals to find people they can solicite to and make "money" offers that don't exist! White-people are the worst liars... and the ugliest criminals! Cracking down on cyber-criminals and their allegiances it's the perfect time to catch and release them all, until they do make a real move worth sentencing them to a jail-sentence. Jail-rent is free! Wow! The only bad thing... angry white-people still. Also... they might be guy-guy with swastikas tattoo'd on their butt-cheeks! They might force rustic foolduggery to purse the lips of a victim in joining their Christian-Aryan agenda within the prisons free-walls. The white-people outside of prison are oblivious of the uprising of Swastika butt-cheeks being tattoo'd for the Christian-Aryan culture inside the pen. Probably Barabbas still likes the smell of his sleeping bunkmates rearend... his taste for rustic penny-lemonaide is very strong. He may lick the center while grabbing the tattoo'd Swastikas on each cheek, generously spreading the danish to expose the "chocolate" center? Free rent in prison! I guess life is a trap for the white-people to poach the souls of the stupid "animals" dumb enough to play Monopoly. I can't buy nudes and pay rent! Geez!