China & Uighurs: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)


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    John Oliver discusses the human rights abuses the Uighur people are facing at the hands of the Chinese government, and why those atrocities are worth our undivided attention.
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    1. Eiffel-Bearing Heavenly King

    2. Azizo


    3. Gabriel Flamerich

      It’s so sad...his hair is growing like a boring Einstein


      Atheism on steroids but why suddenly the west care about us Muslim I'm Muslim btw and i smell bs

    5. Chandler

      Let’s see if Oliver ever mentions what Biden said about them on his townhall the other day

    6. Shaun Dudley

      Shameless lies.

    7. 爹

      Human rights according to western standard: Iraq,Libya, Syria: Chaos, War, No chance for eduction and no future perspectives, becoming refugees and getting abused and humiliated in camps, where drug dealing, blackmailing and rapes are Agenda, --- everything political correct. Xinjiang: Peace and order, equal right for all and extra educational support, having future perspective for a better life --- terrible human right violation.

      1. 爹

        @DongFeng东风 that is the point. As far as all Chinese folks stay united, no shit can hurt China. Being Chinese, you never experience hatred against other Chinese folk, but looking at western media, you only see hatred spreading amount Chinese folks under the most ugly cover, which is called human right.

      2. DongFeng东风

        West dont care, they want to fight china at all costs since the Chinese economy is thretening them

    8. MCPunk55

      Hm... This is an ideal prison, but not for innocent until proven guilty people. It's the kind of prison where you put pedophiles, murderers, every politician ever conceived, SJWs and... well... anyone from an Abrahamic faith.

    9. Orion 1

      I love how quickly he breezed past _"Your masks are made by slaves"_ to _"Wear your mask and stop complaining about freedom"_ without a hint of self awareness.

    10. Hüseyin ALTUNTAŞ

      Put the chinese government in a concentration camp and teach them human rights

    11. Daniel H

      China has stepped up the prosecution of Muslim minorities in Xinjiang province, according to the nongovernmental organization Human Rights Watch.

      1. 爹

        Being Chinese, you never experience hatred against other Chinese folk, but looking at western media, you only see hatred spreading amount Chinese folks under the most ugly cover, which is called "human right." Human rights according to western standard: Iraq,Libya, Syria: Chaos, War, No chance for eduction and no future perspectives, becoming refugees and getting abused and humiliated in camps, where drug dealing, blackmailing and rapes are Agenda, --- everything political correct. Xinjiang: Peace and order, equal right for all and extra educational support, having future perspective for a better life --- terrible human right violation.

    12. Cat Lady

      This is such a bad take. I know you're British so naturally want to believe everything that the BBC tells you, but this is more Epoch Times than HBO. Pathetic. Who are your researchers? They need to be replaced.

    13. Hysteria357

      The VW ceo definitely knew but was Feigning ignorance because acknowledging it would mean the end of VW products in China

    14. WafflesSquad

    15. WafflesSquad

    16. Karl Russell

      Seriously, 3 stars! Not impressed.

    17. Mad Hatter

      Biden would disagree with you John. Stop being so far right.. it's just culture differences. 😉 You know you'll back Biden no matter what you don't care if people die.

    18. Bob Fearnley

      The amount of Chinese government shills here is harrowing...

    19. An Interesting Man with Multiple Ideas

      OMG, who care medias like WSJ and CNN, as what Trump said: "fake news channel". See how the media treat local Americans, there literally have no neutral media anymore. Political correct not mean correct! It is just for political benefit and political propaganda. Try to support Separatist in a Sovereign state is dangerous, likely to throw the stone on your own feet. Look like Iraq, look at Syria, US backed separatists kill so many innocent life and try to export so called democracy to these countries, turn out to be a big mass. Millions and millions refugee storm the Europe and North America, they were forced to escape their own country. So please mop your own ass and then you might have the right to say sth right! I am a pround Canadian. I have lived in North America many many years and I know what kind of dangerous game you guys want to play. Those innocent American people blind folded by evil media like you. Please go to China, talk to local people then you might get right answer, not just copy the lie from those evil medias. Btw, I don't like many policy of CCP, but regarding policy of minority ethics, I don't see any other country can do better than China. Xinjing is with China over thousands years. It's a province of China. Just like Quebec is a province of Canada. Xinjing is no difference compare to other provinces like Yunnan in which have many many minority ethics. Those minorities have more welfare than dominant Han ethics, the university entry score is much lower than Han ethics, they can get better meals than Han ethics in the university. They can give birth to more than one child, but Han ethics can only allowed one child during "one child policy period". Only because the terrorist group who kill many innocent Hans, and want Xinjiang separate from China (just like Quebec want to separate from Canada), then CCP take strict order to stop those terrorist groups......... If you don't know the truth, just do some research from KGup, from internet, or from people who live there......don't be fooled by evil medias, I would say nowadays, many many KGuprs can do better job than WSJ, CNN......I like to discuss the issue with different people and in different point of view......

    20. sanpo9

      The problem is that the same Islamic countries (Turkey, Pakistan, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, etc.) are silent on these ethnic cleansing. For them, the grace from the Chinese Communist Party would be delicious enough to throw away their faith.

      1. The One

        It's disgusting

    21. Hamid Elm

      What goes around comes around . The time of China government is coming .

    22. moot toom

      China learn fast from Bush government and Amazon. Maybe they should adapt Amazon warehouse worker diaper on the toilet part.

    23. Laboom

      By repeating nonstop "ethnic groups" and showing the wrong map of China won't help to fight the human rights violation against the Uighurs and Tibetans. East Turkistan and Tibet are illegal occupied countries.They are not Chinese!

    24. Greg Lock

      China's treatment of the Uighur people is better than the US and Canada's historical treatment of the Native Americans!!

    25. Jason Chen

    26. Kaveriis

      But it's just a cultural norm there...

    27. Chuekao Thao

      who is this gay man, never saw him before, how did i get here?

    28. Nathan Struble

      So yeah, still waiting on that eyelash story

    29. Rango Man

      Next: prosecution of Christians all over the world especially in the middle East and the West

      1. Kaddywompous

        @Rango Man I don’t even know what you’re trying to say. Christians are 76% of THIS country (the United States). Did you think I meant Myanmar?? And, yes, I’m on the side of Uighur Muslims in China. Because of this you think I want Sharia law? Is that the persecution you’re imagining? And what does Reddit have to do with anything? If you respond to this, please try to make a bit more sense, specifically: explain how Christians are being persecuted in a country (the United States) in which they hold 99% of the house, senate, and also every presidency we’ve ever had. Genuine question.

      2. Rango Man

        @Kaddywompous angst from having all the POWER! 76% Christians in Myanmar? If that's not bias then what isn't? I got you though! Seems like a reddit user... Liberals in the west just side with the Muslims...why not just impose Shariah law there?

      3. Kaddywompous

        @Rango ManCitation needed on that parenthetical considering we’re commenting under a video about one million Muslims being forcibly interned, never mind the Rohingya Muslims fighting for their lives in Myanmar. Bro - Christians are 76% of this country and 99% of the government. You have most of the power. This sounds like persecution paranoia stemming, I guess, from angst over not having ALL of the power. Christians in America are doing just fine. Relax.

      4. Rango Man

        @Kaddywompous Christians in the West may not face as much prosecution as in the middle East or North Korea but they do face backlash from the liberals who ironically support Muslims...many people are inclined or conditioned to believe that there's no prosecution in the west but there is and it will just grow... Christians are by the way, the most prosecuted religious community in the world...

      5. Kaddywompous

        @Rango Man Biases? Such as? I was simply probing for context. Still am. What are Christians dealing with in the west that rises to the level of what’s being discussed here?

    30. Hans Otto Kroeger Kaethler

      Why don't you listen a little about what the Uighurs in Xinjiang have to say about your stupid claims? Search KGup for: 1.【English subtitles】Uyghurs Refuting Michael Pompeo's False Claim. All the way up to: 6.【English subtitles】Uyghurs Refuting Michael Pompeo's False Claim. This is not the first time Western government made use of fake witnesses and fake testimony in order to tell fake stories about Asian nations, and in order to start a murderous war! Search on Wikipedia for: "Nayirah testimony". Search "The Guardian" for: "The US used chemical weapons in Iraq - and then lied about it"

    31. Lofty Paragon

      Slavery is back baby. You wanna eat, money, job? Be cheap labour.

    32. Wh Chan

    33. A V

      Uygur population: 1. In 1949, 3.29 million!! 2. In 2000, 8.35 million!! 3. Now, more than 11.5 million!! How do western media interpret these real data. In 10 years, the Uyghur population has increased by about 20%, while the Han population has only increased by about 7% Which genocide can increase the population by 20% in 10 years? ? ?

    34. Joter Genesis Palad

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    35. Teacub Ng People who have watched this video should watch this vlog... which shows the truth

    36. Ahmad Fuad

      Very good journalinism

    37. Forest kingdom

      What about atta ks on non musims in muslim countries

    38. Dark Madbat

      Well as we just learned from Joe Biden, the genocide, enslavement and sexual abuse is just a cultural norm.

    39. Antonin Sanchez

      These are just cultural differences so its ok. We must understand each and let each other be end of.😏

    40. Kristen Brett


    41. Natives Edibles

      Thank you

    42. Patty PicklesPeterson

      Uighurs crisis is fake, funded by CIA to stoke more anti-China conspiracy

    43. Collin Keyser

      And Just Think, Disney Filmed The New "Mulan" Movie NEAR A Uighir Concentration Camp!

    44. Jarod 1999

      Share with video with everyone you know online. F$&k the Chinese government!

      1. Apt Map

        And Dictator Chairman Xi and the CCP is raging on with their racist Chinese-supremacist agenda against ethnic and religious minorities, while telling the world to turn a blind eye and cancel the tariffs. more like #CancelXi and #CancelCCP

    45. Sheldon Yee

      Sad how no one talks about this anymore.

      1. Jeffrey Milliman

        Yeah, it's almost like it was based on a deeply flawed and inaccurate report put out by an unhinged religious fanatic working for right-wing think tanks.

    46. The golden Smile

      Funny how Disney owns HBO.

      1. The Needless Opinion

        they don't time warner/at&t does

    47. mike cornew

      I just can't believe no one's doing anything about it and I'm very surprised that the Arab Nations haven't come together and went after China

      1. Sam Hewitt

        Probably has a little something to do with this video just being propaganda for western nations to stoke up conflict against a rising power. People should be more skeptical of what comes out of the mouth of a dying empire desperate to cling to power lol.

      2. Giorno Giovanna

        I'm so glad your not in charge of a country. Your the type of person to run by emotions attack a country and start an accidental world war.

    48. Bobby Susser

      Alright I dont know if I’m alone in this but none of those jokes landed. I feel like there are times where you can make jokes about something serious and times to keep things serious. I kinda wish he kept it 100% serious here.

      1. Sheldon Yee

        I kind of agree with you here.


      Amazing how corrupt house of Saud who labels themselves the defender of Islam are silent on this issue.

    50. modernwar2ghostrp

      It's a cultural difference and excusable- Joe Biden

    51. Barrett Blaney

      The forgetful cycle broadly beam because fight directly joke next a funny eggplant. fanatical, kindly croissant

    52. Tauseef Akram

      At 18:00 Dat tear of a mother and her daughter consoling her will haunt the Chinese.. #HeartBreaking as John said.. #Uighurs

    53. Nicholas Shaw

      God this man is so unfunny it’s borderline cringe

      1. Nicholas Shaw

        I stand corrected, this is, without a doubt, a CRINGEFEST

    54. Samuel Caster

      The imaginary heron simulteneously dry because visitor osmotically sparkle inside a serious periodical. male, nutty rhinoceros

    55. posofpower75

      Nazi China

    56. WildeMike49

      "Largest internment based on race since the holocaust".... c'mon guys, it's just different norms! -Uncle Joe

    57. Andreas Otto Hansen

      Remember, there is no China. It is West Taipei!

    58. oscar chute

      According to Stapleton Roy, the American ambassador to China (1991-1996), there is no 'genocide' in Xinjiang and the 1989 rioters in Tienanmen Square had gone 'too far' in his speech at Pomona College, California on Sept. 2020.

    59. Abe Hussein

      21 and we are still oppressing our own people. Yet we wonder why we wonder why can't get our shit together.

    60. Atul Sharma

      It’s always hilarious listening to Brits speak on topics like this. It’s as if their own history has just been deleted.

      1. Apt Map

        @Prabhakar Kumar In fact China has "negative" human rights, victim would "disappear", along with any reporters and journalists, if you try to make your grievances public in person or in Chinese social media

      2. Prabhakar Kumar

        @Apt Map It's just western media propaganda. Why does West sell arms to Saudi? Saudi is biggest arms importer. China violates human rights, I don't know if there is any human right in Saudi.

      3. Apt Map

        There's nothing wrong with it. The genocide is happening NOW and the racist Chinese-supremacist agenda against ethnic and religious is being pushed harder than ever by the CCP and dictator Chairman Xi

    61. yew 2oob

      Cultural erasure? You mean the Chinese were inherently Muslim? I'm pretty sure Islam changed/erased the indigenous Chinese culture first. 😂😂😂

      1. yew 2oob

        @Apt Map Nice answer my question.

      2. Grievous

        wait, are you defending this?

      3. Apt Map

        @yew 2oob If you want to insist on cultural erasure, let's talk about modern day "cultural revolution" engineered by Communist China 55 years ago. It's a bloody and inhumane transformation, and many considered the core beliefs and mentality of Chinese had changed forever to the worse. That stealing, poisoning and even killing to make a quick dime became tacitly acceptable and encouraged in Communist China

      4. yew 2oob

        @Apt Map Were those people originally Muslim? Or did Islam "spread peacefully" and erase the culture that was already there?

      5. Apt Map

        Of course it is cultural erasure. East Turkestan was not part of China. That's why when Chinese invaded the country they called the land "New territory"

    62. Garden Flower

      USA has white people who promoted carlisle schools for other races ,which did even worse. Its still so intrinsic that USA schools doesnt allow home food to kids even now. USA schools dictate what kids should eat which is only acceptable to white people. USA is biggest one arty democracy nation. All these influencers support one party in usa demnazis who do wars on other countries & Fund,Arm terrorists to hurt other nations. Apparently no human rights to collateral damages of there wars,Drones,Terrorists who use american guns.

      1. Apt Map

        BLM and Uyghurs lives against Genocide can both run hand in hand and in solidarity. Not incompatible at all

    63. Katilina2

      and about the camps Romanian murdered Hungarians, to make Transylvania more ethnically diverse( it was almost full Hungarian, now only 1,5 million Hungarian is living there), no one, we need to mock China, so we care, but the last 30 years no one gave a shit....what a shame, using Ujgurs, as excuse...and USA will send toughts and prayers, such as they did in 1956 to Hungary....

      1. Prairielander

        Half of the world is controlled by oppressive regimes. Should every country that respects human rights go to war against them? I wish every person on earth could live with dignity and freedom. I wish these crimes against humanity would stop.

    64. Sean M

      News flash. Yur in China, religion is not allowed.

    65. Sublime

      We need to still be talking about this

      1. Sheldon Yee


    66. Apt Map

      Thank you John Oliver, for exposing the Uyghur genocide and racist Chinese-supremacist agenda against ethnic and religious minorities by dictator Chairman Xi and the Chinese Communist party

    67. Cesar P

      Why tf am I just finding out.

    68. Pierre Daher

      John, you have done more for the Uighur people in this video, than the whole politicians of the world combined!

    69. cem oğuz

      İt is not New and Also I saw a Uygur Türk skined one time on internet. Nowadays we do not see anymore. I wonder why. Also ıf you think news just screch the surface about this.

    70. CJ T


    71. Gwen Walravens

      While everything that happens over there is terrible, the US doesn't have much to say about morality. How do you go against forced labor when minimum wages aren't enough to survive? When people need two jobs? When black people are left to die in ghettos? When the government attacks the people to give the president a photo opportunity. When an insurrection goes w/o punishment? When children are held prisoner at the border for months.

    72. W.G Phil

      And yet the guy you voted in said there's no genocide, just "cultural differences".

    73. Gilles E

      Now you may think china was always like this and you be wrong, I do believe that after the covid crisis is over we might be heading straight into a war and by we I mean the world, you know like back then when the world came together to kick Hitlers ass.

    74. Monsterhunter Nathan ultimate

      You stupid left wing twat!!! Shut up about China!! China did nothing wrong!! They are saving people's lives and stopping terrorists!!! Stop spreading misinformation and lies about China's so called "genocide".

    75. George Hausmann Swoboda

      Imaging being one of the 12K people that disliked this video

      1. Febopenny Ficari

        I am because I don’t believe fake news pushed by a nazi, a terrorist organization, and the US state department

      2. warringFinger

        china is vastly more humanistic when it come to dealing with terrorism. Whats the american method of handling islamic extremist? Muslim ban? 20 years of bombing in afghanistan? you want china to do what america does?

    76. AIBAS BNGE

      what's so sad is that muslims in muslim countries wish they could do something about it but our self-serving, money hungry & corrupt governments don't care

      1. Apt Map

        sadly religion does have a border. Since Uyghurs are ethnic Turks other Muslims countries does not seem to care about this genocide ordered by Dictator Chairman Xi and the Chinese Communist Party

    77. Tony Tang

      No matter how many liars you make, China will grow up. We Chinese will not stop into chaos as you expect.

      1. Youtubehasaids

        I hope you're right about that.

    78. Tony Tang

    79. yvng tub

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    80. Michael Baggett


    81. g m

      They just have different norms John. Quit being so intolerant.

    82. Yozo Toba

      Biden: 'Culturally, there are different norms in each country and their leaders are expected to follow'

      1. Pose Rose


    83. Pose Rose

      And this is why no one likes China.

      1. Prairielander

        ​@elephant shen Well after reading and listening to hours of Uighur testimonial it is not fake. I also met with Uighur Muslims here in Canada at an Islamic Centre. One person I met was in a reeducation centre. He was forcibly taken from his family. His brother left years ago and was in Canada. He said people received beatings and were basically told they are scum and had to keep reciting how great Xi Jinping is and how great the communist party of china is. People would also be withheld food if they disobeyed. Then he was sent to a factory to work as forced labour. He got out because his brother was able to send money as a bribe so he could be released. So sorry but the People's Republic of China has lied to you and the world. Human rights watch and human rights organization ranks China near the bottom of nations. I just don't see the entire world being wrong about China. I think it is more probable that a totalitarian regime that controls China could be lying.

      2. Pose Rose

        @Apt Map that is true, what the Chinese government is doing is similar to what Germany did in in the 1930’s and 40’s.

      3. Apt Map

        @Pose Rose and not just to the Uyghurs, but also Tibetans, Mongolians, and Hongkongers. Communist Chinese is pushing racist Chinese-supremacist agenda against ethnic, religious, and political minorities.

      4. Pose Rose

        @elephant shen I respect your opinion too it’s just that these are human rights violations in that’s wrong.

      5. elephant shen

        Apparently YT will not recommend it so only few ppl will see it....

    84. Rick Daily

      I really tried to give John Oliver a chance here, and then he went and tried it in with Trump some how smh 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️ good that he's making people aware but Jesus christ he literally just quoted John Bolton who was fired by Trump and smeared him repeatedly.

    85. Baset A. Husiny

      The Chinese official, "some people before they commit murder already show they're capable of it. Should we wait for them to commit a crime or prevent it." Sam Harris: cries tears of joy

      1. Baset A. Husiny

        @george xu this looks like a selective propaganda video

      2. george xu

    86. mylxiong08

      John, I'm disappointed in you.

    87. Stewie Griffin

      This reminds me of the SouthPark episode about student athletes...

    88. K Ate

      Unfortunately Muslims have been overly demonised in the media that most people don't have any empathy towards them, it's very similar to how Jews were treated but at least the UK and US eventually stuck their necks out for them. Assuming all Muslims are the same is like assuming every Chinese person could potentially spread Carona, a deadly virus! Suddenly this is seen as bullying, discrimination and racism. Well so is saying all Muslims are potentially extreme. So sad that in this day and age where we promote freedom we do not want certain people to be free! Most want Muslims to not be Muslim, not wear religious clothing and we also call their scrafs, niqabs and religion oppressive. You can't force people to change and then also call their religion or beliefs oppressive! Asking someone to change when they are not harming to anyone is oppression in itself! Every religion and none religion has extreme people who alter their beliefs to suit them. Islam along side all religions is not about harming anyone. People who do cause harm/hurt and later use their religion as an excuse are not following the religion they claim to respect and believe in. Previously there were phrases used to bully Muslims who covered their face such as 'letter boxes' or 'security risks'. Yet it's now essential to cover your face in public because of COVID does that mean everyone is a 'letter box'? Or a 'security risk'?! Why not accept that we're all different and just live your life and let others live theirs. No one is here to judge anyone else and no one should oppress anyone.

    89. Peter hkpcr

      👉 Comparatively USA is a young nation formed mostly by previous British colonists before 1776 independent from🇬🇧 British colonial ruler. US are similar to its so called " Five Eyes Alliance" (US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Colonies of UK) of which are all previously British colonies whilst all their present land are all seized from native Indians brutally and unlawfully. According to historical records, when the first european landed at America some 400 years ago, population of native Indians was more than 50 millions much more than populations of European settlers, but now is only less than 5 millions. Why ??? During colonial period and even after independence , US carried out numerous aggressive expansion wars with Canada(1812), Mexico(1845),Spain(1898) and etc to expand its territories, also many native Indians were killed through genocides of various modes such as through Indiana's resistance wars against Europeans seizing their ancestral lands, critical diseases imported by Europeans, forcible removal of native Indians into inner remoted land, forcible European assimilation and other genocides of various modes and etc. Why some West always use tactic of Thief yelling others to catch thief to demonize and discredit other countries so as to make themselves look great???

    90. April Zhang

      This is so not true. Only the ignorant would believe this. The ethics in Xingjiang have increased in population by 20% year after year. When the “Han” Chinese could only have one child, the ethnic minorities could have multiple children. Growing up in China, I really wanted to be a minority because they enjoyed so much more benefits than me, for example, going to universities with much lower marks. They have even more advantages today. The West attacks China on Xingjiang is because it’s a very important part of the Belt and Road initiative. It’s all about containing China and stopping it from rising. Do your own researches, go to Xingjiang and see it for yourself. Xingjiang people have spoken, please watch the channel real Xingjiang.

      1. Pose Rose

        Dude the Chinese government committed genocide. Why are you defending it.

      2. Apt Map

        Well BBC did their own research letting the world know about the Uyghur genocide and racist Chinese supremacist agenda against ethnic and religious minorities, and now they are banned from reporting in Communist China

      3. Pose Rose


      4. nhf


    91. maple master

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    92. Z Mac

      Sounds strangely familiar with Biden's Homeland Security folks promoting the idea that 'domestic terrorists' may be anyone who disagrees with leftist views. Pretty scary.

      1. Youtubehasaids

        @nhf lol, actually, that programme, including the cages, was set up by the Obama/ Biden administration, sooooo. Funny how you dismiss the lefts talk of labelling any who disagree with their extremist fascistic views as domestic terrorism, trying to act like that doesn't matter cause of some border shit that the left set up in the first place.. Do you understand the implications of labeling an entire political demographic as domestic terrorists? That's how exterminations begin.. And you are saying separating families at the border, again, set up by the left under Obama/ Biden, is worse than politically motivated exterminations. typical leftist bullshit. That is so dumb and sinister it's beyond comprehension. Leftists are all fucking crazy commies. Go take your Marxist dreams of fascistic totalitarianism and genocide and shove it..

      2. nhf

        Biden isn't separating families at the border a far worse crime committed by the far right

    93. Irfan Bloch

      sad nd horrific

    94. Pattie Prophet

      I heard something about here in America that trump supporters need to be retrain for proper thinking are they getting their hand book from China?

      1. Youtubehasaids

        Yes, the left are basically following down the road of Marxist communist ideology which inevitably involves exterminating your political opposition to gain total fascistic control, and they pretty much aren't even trying to hide it anymore. Just reveling in their evil plans. The left are the new fascists

    95. Glenna Miles US has no leg to stand on.

    96. Chang Hao

      you have to see vlog of foreigner living in china or buy a ticket to visit by youself.

    97. Carl Geomari Linobo

      Uighurs: "With a Government like China who needs terrorists"😁

    98. ACW

      When you hear someone say "We all found out we had something wrong with ourselves, and luckily enough - the government and the communist party offered us this school for free" - you KNOW something is very, very wrong.

      1. Apt Map

        there;s probably a gun pointing at that person on the other side of the camera

    99. Ayush Prasad

      7:05 - Found my Man!

    100. Mihail Cristescu

      Urgh Kira where are you, china calls